Founded in New York City, Women With Voices is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, that provides a platform of support, guidance and resources for all women from all walks of life. We offer various services included, but not limited to workshops, networking events, wig donations for women with cancer and hair loss illness, counseling sessions, online support and social media platforms. These services unite, support, inspire, empower and uplift women in order to create a stronger more unified community.  

  • Mission: Founded in New York City, Women With Voices is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides support, guidance, and resources to empower women from all communities and social backgrounds and promote economic development.

  • Vision: Women With Voices fosters sustainable economic development opportunities by providing business development resources for NYC women and entrepreneurs.

  • Programs: 

    • Fempreneurship & Financial Literacy Initiative provides workforce development to NYC female entrepreneurs to increase economic development opportunities for NYC women. As a result of this program, thousands of women from all cultural backgrounds will gain access to resources to launch and grow their businesses and learn financial literacy skills.

    • Mental Health Initiative, provides a safe space with resources and support to deal with factors that affect the mental health of women in numerous areas of their life. We have a focal workshop that targets minority women to help navigate to the traumas unaddressed by these communities. 

    • Sexual Liberation Initiative - provides a safe space, resources, and support for women to address sexual oppression, sexual liberation, and heal from sexual injustices.

    • Immigration Initiative targets immigrant women to help them transition into their new community. We offer all services and help them navigate the city to ensure they still are able to stay connected to their cultural customs.

    • The Family Initiative addresses different areas of the family to support a balanced home. We commence Back To School, Christmas, and Book drive as well as host family days, and workshops that concentrate on parenting. We have a focus group that encourages parents to supports kids in any form of creative art.



Founder/Chairman/Executive Director

Lisa Merraro


Co-Founder/Associate Director

Jordan Emanuel


Co-Founder/Director Of Special Initiatives

Tamika Gayle


Co-Founder/Director Of Special Initiatives

    Chelsea Nicholas



Co-Founder/Brand Image Director

Shakir Merraro